Alumni Group
Updated 2/25/09

Your landing on this website almost certainly means you are looking for your old school and an opportunity to renew former friendships and share some wonderful memories. No one would spell N-O-U-A-S-S-E-U-R by accident!




There are over 860 former students and teachers listed in our directory. Although most of those listed are from the High School and Jr. High, we also welcome Elementary grades and are always searching for former teachers. If you were born at Nouasseur and feel an attachment to the place, we might be able to fill that void; and folks who went to elementary school at Sidi Slimane, Ben Guerir , Rabat, Port Lyautey, etc., can participate in our group until they reach a point where they'd like to form a group of their own. Our registration database has been designed with others in mind.

Starting in 2003, there will be no annual dues and no newsletter mailing. We'll try to hold the group together with this website. Please keep your eye on -- and use -- our Message Board. It's replacing the newsletter.

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