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Although there were Las Vegas reunions prior to 1991 (every 5 years from
whenever folks started getting together), webmaster has no pictorial coverage.
If anyone would like to submit images for this or earlier events, please contact for instructions BEFORE doing any scanning.

Photos received from Nancy Hoon LaBouy '64

Janet Lord '64
Judy Forsyth '64
Nancy Hoon '64

Barbie Cummings '64 &
Phyllis Thompson '64

Chris Carpenter '67
Marty Carpenter '64
Dennis Rowley '63

Nancy Hoon '64
Phyllis Thompson '64
Jeff Block '64
Janet Lord '64

Phyllis Thompson '64 & Jeff Block '64


This was a "Vegas first" for the beautiful people from the
Class of '58, and others from the earlier years at Nouasseur.
We lost Carmen Carlson in 2000. This being the only reunion
she ever attended, lots of pictures of her appear below.

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