July 22-25

Atlanta, Georgia

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Many of us were checked into the Hyatt Regency by Thursday afternoon, so for dinner we got the weekend party going by following Jackie Poff George '58 to a restaurant she found in her research on downtown Atlanta. Southern food was the fare -- collard greens and black-eyed peas accompanied the entrees.

After dinner we joined the Overseas Brats' karaoke party. There were interesting (!) performances and lots of dancing, with people from Nouasseur being the first to get out on the floor. Pat Agnew Newberry '58 is determined that Nouasseur will rehearse a couple of "oldies" and perform karaoke at the next event -- in top hats and black tights!

For the first time in Overseas Brats' history, Nouasseur qualified for it's own hospitality suite (lovely bedroom and parlor). However, due to hotel catering restrictions (and Sharon being too big of a chicken to take a risk with serving our own drinks and food therein), we did most of our pre- and post-dinner partying in the room Sharon and Pat shared. Those of you who attended the 1999 Overseas Brats Homecoming in Grapevine, Texas, know that Pat puts on a 'mean' cocktail party. She was our Martha Stewart for the weekend in Atlanta, setting up the drinks and food we 'smuggled' into the hotel as tastefully as she could -- folding Kleenex to use in place of cocktail napkins, and unfolding her little travel cutting board for the cheese she'd brought along. The girl knows how to travel in style!

In the hotel coffee shop.
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On Friday, we all went to our 'Nouasseur luncheon' that Lynda Brown DeLuryea '57 arranged for us at Azio's -- wonderful Italian food.

Some followed lunch with tours of CNN and/or the Coca Cola plant.

Later, and following cocktails in S & P's room, we dined in the ballroom with folks from many other schools. I think all will agree that it was great fun checking out nametags to see where others had gone to school, making what were sometimes only slight connections, but all sharing something in common -- lots and lots of energy and excitement in the air! We stood out in our Nouasseur T-shirts.

After dinner, a film that had been put together by DoDDS was shown -- a compilation of still photos taken over the many years since 1947 (I think) -- kids, activities, schools -- with music specific to the various eras playing along in the background. A few of us think we spotted a photo of our school, and possibly one of our teachers. It was moving, and made you realize you'd been a part of something very special.

Some stayed on for a bit of dancing, and others returned to S & P's room for more togetherness.

Folks went off to do their own thing on Saturday, and rendezvoused in
S & P's prior to dinner. Some in our group had skipped the Friday Overseas Brats evening function, so we ended up with a larger group Saturday night.


Following dinner, a quiz, and dancing, our group moved to S & P's room where the inevitable farewells were exchanged at the end of the evening.

Sunday morning brought early morning departures for most, and the hope that we will all see each other again soon.


The above was thrown together very quickly. If you have anything to add, let me know. I hope to add more pictures, so check back.


The following photos are courtesy of Lynda Brown DeLuryea '57

The following photos are courtesy of Frank Bingham '58







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