Leave your brain behind and just follow these step-by-step instructions. It’s not as complicated as some of you want to make it.

Start out on the main page – that’s at

You need passwords to get into the database and message board. If you don’t already have them, CLICK HERE.

Using the resulting e-mail form, give me your full name including maiden name.

Do not give me address correction information yet!

I will send you the passwords. Then you can proceed.

NEW! MEMBERSHIP DATABASE SHORTCUT INSTRUCTIONS FOR THOSE WHO LEARN BETTER WITH VISUAL AIDS: CLICK HERE . You can leave the instructions open, open a new browser window along side, and go to the website to begin.



1.      Go to, scroll down and click on the button next to Student/Faculty Database

2.      Type the first word I sent you (when you requested the passwords) in the hole next to “Username”

3.      Type the second word in the hole next to “Password”

4.      Click on “Login”


Now you are ready to search the database. There are several ways to search it and you can see these in the dropdown box that results when you click on the little triangle next to “Select a search method”.


To find yourself:

1.      Click on triangle next to "Select a search method"

2.      Click on “Maiden/Last name

3.      Click on triangle next to “Select a School” and in the dropdown box click on your school (probably “Nouasseur”)

4.      Guys enter your last name; gals enter your maiden name

5.      Click on “Search Now”

6.      Click on “View Details” next to your name


There’s your record! Now stop being nervous and do it again. It’s a nobrainer.

(After you’ve successfully found yourself, try playing around in the database. Do a search for the entire school, or another school in the list, or a search by your class year, or look for your best friend. Don’t be afraid. You are not going to break anything.)


Now, if you need to make a correction in your database record – maybe you have a new postal or e-mail address, go to the Message Board. Please do not send the information to me in an e-mail. I will not process it when it comes to me that way.



Make sure you have the two passwords (see above)

1.      Go to, scroll down the page, and click on the button next to Message Board/Guestbook

2.      Type the first word I sent you (when you requested the passwords) in the hole next to Username.

3.      Type the second word in the hole next to Password

4.      Click on “Login”

5.      Click on the “Add a Message” icon (picture) at top of page

6.      Fill in the blanks

7.      Type a subject

8.      Type your message

9.      Click on the “Submit” button


Please use the Message Board for all alumni group-connected communication with me (unless it’s about something private, and I’m really not on that ground with very many of you).


The ONLY way I will update information in your database record is for you to leave me the info in the Message Board.


It’s costing about $30 a month out of MY pocket to keep this site up and running (includes hosting company fees, domain name registration, misc. hardware and software). Actually that’s a low estimate, all things considered – and I forgot to include my precious time!


YOU have the ability to search and contact your friends, view pictures of them at various reunions, get the latest news about our group and reunions, submit and view pictures of the “old days”, communicate using the Message Board, and much more – all for FREE.


Someone recently wrote: “ I can’t access any of the database using “(password omitted)” but it probably doesn’t matter.”


WOW, was that a distressingly low blow! If that’s the way MOST of you think, then I should take down the site and move on to something more fulfilling in life.


I guess I tend to forget that some of you are “technically challenged”, "computer illiterate", or whatever you want to call it. That’s why I’ve taken the time to prepare these detailed instructions. I don’t think I can make them any clearer. But then, when my son and I designed the database and message board, we thought we made things EASY. Guess NOT for everyone! (Note that in naming this particular web page "Nouasseur for Dummies", I did not mean to insult anyone!)


I hope you will invest the very little time it takes to learn your way around this website.


Be sure to let me know if you encounter any problems.




Sharon Ray Renno '58